We make
human health
supply chains

We make
human health
supply chains


We enable you to assess and mitigate risks to human rights in your supply chain with a proven and effective solution for improving small-scale producers’ health and livelihoods. By translating your actions into compelling data, we help you gain consumer trust and meet regulations with ease.

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The Business Challenge

Companies struggle to measure and tackle social risks in their supply chains due to increasing regulations and customer demand for ethical products.

The Social Challenge

Lack of health insurance affects 90% of small-scale producers in global supply chains, causing poor health, poverty, and unsustainable practices like deforestation and child labor, risking supply chain sustainability.

Companies should spend more time on driving impact and sustainability performance than reporting on it. So we have created a solution to assess and improve the health and livelihoods of small-scale producers in sourcing origins.

Our data-driven sustainability solution tackles human rights issues by providing small-scale producers with comprehensive, affordable, and quality healthcare. Producers agree to share anonymous data for sustainability and compliance reporting.

Our clients enhance their competitiveness, showcase their social impact, and maintain compliance with ease. Ultimately, our solution creates a robust and sustainable supply chain to the benefit of all.

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Case Studies

Akwaaba Project, Suhum, Ghana
Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa

The Akwaaba project in Suhum, Ghana provides healthcare access and monitors its impact on 1,600 cocoa farmers and their families in partnership with Max Felchlin AG and Yayra Glover Ltd. Partners receive data for supply chain due diligence while ensuring measurable social impact. Long-term sustainability is achieved through cost-sharing mechanisms, such as digital health savings groups and a matched-savings approach.

Learn more: www.kakaoplattform.ch/what-we-do/projects/detail/akwaaba


Mirko Schneckenburger
Head of Marketing & Communications, Max Felchlin AG
“Elucid’s focus on improving the health and livelihoods of farmers not only sets them apart from their competitors, but also aligns with our own values of sustainability and ethical business practices. We are proud to partner with Elucid and about the positive impact they bring to our supply chain.”
Samuel Tawiah
Cocoa Farmer From Suhum, Ghana
“Because of Elucid farming families can see a doctor without having to worry about money. It’s a lifesaver!”