We have been improving healthcare in some of the world’s most challenging regions for over a decade.

We have been improving healthcare in some of the world’s most challenging regions for over a decade.

Our Team

We are a team of doctors, value chain experts, human rights advocates, and tech developers. With years of experience in improving access to healthcare in resource-constrained settings and supply chain due diligence.

Our story begins with our founders, Julius and Samuel, both medical doctors and social entrepreneurs with over a decade of experience improving healthcare in some of the world’s most challenging regions. After successfully scaling mTOMADY, a digital health financing platform in Madagascar, they have leveraged their expertise to establish Elucid to enable businesses to leverage social and business value of health and livelihoods in their value chains.


Meet our

Theophilus is responsible for providing technical support and with over 5 years of experience, makes sure our partners can use our product without hassle.

Theophilus Asare

Tech Support

Julius is a medical doctor, global health aficionado and social entrepreneur whose work has impacted +5M lives in sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr Julius Emmrich

Co-Founder & CEO

Moritz is a software developer at Elucid. He is driven by a passion for technology, especially if it has a positive impact on people’s lives.

Moritz Fröhlich


Heinrich is a software developer at Elucid. From fixing bugs to developing new features, he always finds ways to improve and push the boundaries of our technology.

Heinrich Hanekom


Liene is our communications manager. Her background in anthropology activates her inner chameleon capable of communicating with a diverse range of audience.

Liene Inzule


Alejandro is deep into deep tech. He has worked 10+ years as tech lead & CTO successfully scaling 8 start-ups.

Alejandro Jimenez


Samuel is a medical doctor and health data specialist, who co-founded and successfully scaled digital health products internationally.

Dr Samuel Knauss

Co-Founder & CEO

Richard joins us with over 10 years of experience in scaling farmer-focused products and services aimed at improving their livelihoods and communities while protecting the environment.

Richard Kuffour

Director West Africa

Theophilus is our claims manager. He has 10+ years working in insurance and banking sectors with experience in claims and risk management.

Theophilus Nyarko

Claims Manager

Louisa leads our partnerships. As a psychologist some say she has an unfair advantage but her skills in growing client relationships are unparalleled.

Louisa Truß


Wilhelmina provides technical support and doubles as a data analyst. She is a Software Engineer with 3+ years experience in community health support.

Wilhelmina Tetteh

Tech Support

Sebastian is the financial wizard behind the magic, turning pennies into gold and keeping our company financially fit.

Sebastian Wiesner


Meet our board
of advisors.

Florian Amelung

Business Development

Anne Balthasar

LSE, Barclays

Raphaël Felenbok

Sustainable Sourcing
Bain & Company, PAI Partners

Yayrator Glover

Yayra Glover Ltd.

Jan Christoph Kabath

Supply Chain Management
Louis Dreyfus Company

Elsa Rajemison

Health Financing

Aylin Schaer

Rocket Internet

Mayur Wadwa

Digital Innovation
ThoughtWorks Germany