Press Release

πŸš€ Recent investment from UBS Optimus Foundation marks the finalization of Elucid’s seed funding round.

A big thank you to UBS Optimus Foundation, Β IBB Ventures,Β Katapult,Β elea,Β Atreyu Investments,Β FINCA International, Imaginal Seeds,Β Satrana Ventures, and Aude Ventures GmbH for being part of this journey!

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πŸ“°Β Press Release


πŸ‘ Elucid Secures Significant Funding to Revolutionize Agri Supply Chain Sustainability and Farmer Health!

Find the press release here:

πŸ“°Β Press Release

Media Presence

πŸ’‘ Webinar: Healthy Communities, Sustainable Supply Chains: The Impact of Health Insurance on Social Challenges in the Cocoa Sector

Hosted by Elucid

Associated resources:

πŸŽ₯ Recording

❓ Q&A

πŸ“š Presentation Β & πŸ” Scientific ReferencesΒ 

πŸ’‘ Webinar: Healthcare Access: A Tool to Reduce the Income Gap

Hosted with the Living Income Community of Practice

Associated resources:

πŸŽ₯ Recording &❓Q&A


The Business Challenge

Cru de Cacao

Sustainable platform for cocoa

– Information about the organisation
– Ghana project announcement & minicase
description (here)
– Salama Mateza program evaluation (here)

German Initiative on Sustainable Socoa (GISCO)

– Information about GISCO members &
their commitments


Confiserie SprΓΌngli AG

WCF Partnerships Meeting


– Linkedin mention
– Website


World Coffee Alliance

World Cocoa Foundation

Impact Fest The Hague

Fairfood Living Wage & Income Lab

– Event Recap

Futureproof Coffee Collective Webinar:
achieving a Win-Win-Win through Healthcare:
Social Impact, Business Needs and Compliance

– Webinar